The Hot Real Estate Topics…
The Hot Real Estate Topics…

The Hot Real Estate Topics…

Exclusive Interview Discussing the Questions on Your Mind,

and How You Can Take Advantage

of the Conflicting Messages in the Canadian Real Estate Market.

As we start to enter the spring real estate markets, there have some recent market announcements that have sent shock-waves through into the market — some good, some bad, some indifferent. Through all these changes and speculation of changes there are conflicting messages floating around and conflicting messages leave investors confused about what actions to take.

This is why I decided to complete an interview and cut through the myths and misconceptions and get to the truth..

In this interview we jumped head first into some very timely topics… We discussed the following:

  • What is really going on in today’s market, is there a bubble forming?
  • The recent mortgage changes, how will this directly impact investors and your next mortgage application
  • Interest rates and the direction and what you should today to prepare yourself for the changes
  • Finally discover if it is truly possible to find cash flow in today’s market.
  • This and more.

Enjoy this timely interview:

Click here to download this audio program

To download an audio file…

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Mac users, command-click on the link

To Register for the ACRE program and instantly save $200 … click here

PS… In the audio interview we talk about an audio presentation on how I analyzes my properties for cash flow… you can find that interview by clicking here.

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