Alberta Real Estate… Luck or Strategy?
Alberta Real Estate… Luck or Strategy?

Alberta Real Estate… luck or strategy?

If you own a house in Alberta, you may feel there is more luck than strategy. How do you maximize your investment in this asset class?¬† The times they are a changing… What are the changes that are¬†happening with Alberta Real Estate?

Discover the answers to these key questions and more…

  • What do Canadians need to start paying attention to, economically speaking?
  • What is the Alberta landscape for properties? Good, bad or indifferent?
  • What does the IMF and Conference Board of Canada say about the Alberta economy?
  • How do play the real estate game properly, and create long term wealth?
  • What are the key metrics you must look at when analyzing a property?
  • How do you evaluate a property?
  • How do you reduce the risk, investing in Real Estate?
  • What lessons were learned during the last market downturn?
  • First time home buyer advice, when and where should you buy in Calgary?
  • What type of property gives you the best return on your investment– Condos? Townhomes? Single family?
  • Changes in the banking rules and interest rates, what impact will this have on the housing market?

Enjoy this special interview from CBC Calgary.

To find the exclusive research reports discussed on this interview you can click here

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